What is a language tandem ?

What is the ‘ language tandem’ ?

This partnership is about working with a foreign partner on the phone, via emails or any other means of communication. This exchange will allow you to learn each other’s language.

How can I find a ‘ language partner ‘ ?

To find a language partner, you have to send an email to Méli Mélo here : contact@assomelimelo.com
To create a partnership in the best way, we need some information :
Surname, first name, email address, nationality, spoken language(s), language(s) to practice

What can you learn from each other ?

This partnership is very enriching because it allows you to learn and understand your partner’s language better and to express yourself better as well. You will also learn about their culture and the customs of their country.

Who can learn from a ‘language partnership’?

Everybody can ! The partnership is meant for every person willing to improve their knowledge of a foreign language. All you need is to know some basics of this language.

How to work together as partners ?
Choose the means that is best for both your partner and yourself according to your wishes, whether you want to improve your oral and/or written skills in the chosen language and finally choose how to use your personal time (emails, phone conversations, faxes, letters etc.)

Help and advice
Everything your partner tells you can be useful. You can also ask them to speak in a specific way, be it in a colloquial or a more professional way. But bear in mind that they are also willing to learn so if you speak their language one half of the time, the other half must be devoted to speaking yours !

Your partner’s words may leave no trace but there are some ways to remember what matters :

– Do not hesitate to interrupt them if you have not heard or understood what they said ; ask them to repeat or explain what they are talking about.
– Repeat the most important parts so as to memorise them better and ask your partner to correct you (including the pronunciation and intonation), then repeat the corrections. Repetition is how wording can be set.
– You can also write down the important locutions (phrases) so as not to forget them.
– If you do not understand something, you can ask your partner :

→ to translate it in their mother tongue. This can be an interesting exercise for them.
→ to rephrase what they have said differently.
→ to give you other examples or further explanations.

Learn thanks to the information about your partner’s life in their country.

Do not ignore the cultural enrichment which can be provided by your partner !!

The first steps with your ‘ language partner ‘
Introduce yourself in an email. Then all you need is to meet each other !