About us

Méli-Mélo is an association (law ​​1901) which organizes throughout the year, events promoting linguistic and cultural exchanges between French and international students traveling to Poitiers.

Polyglot parties, theme evenings (evenings games, dances, karaoke …) excursions and tours of the area (the Loire castles, sporting weekend visit to La Rochelle …) and activities in town (initiations dance participation in festivals and events in the city of Poitiers), the association has a lot to offer!

To become a member of the association, it is very simple! An annual fee of 6 euros is requested and a photo! A card is issued. This card allows you to have discounts and benefits granted to members of melimelo: special rates for our many and discounts from our partners …

Every week of the permanence melimelo are organized to perform the registration of new members and event registration and to answer any questions or information.