1- Why Join MéliMélo?

It is possible to:
- Meet people from different countries and cultures
- Discounted rates among partners (see list)
- Participate in free activities offered by the association.

2- What are the activities?

There are many:
- Different evenings (bowling, multilingual, dance …)
- Weekends and sports relaxation (countryside, mountains, sea …)
- Cultural tours of Poitiers and Poitou-Charentes
- Shows and plays TAP or elsewhere
- Tandems language (see question 3.2).

3.1- What is the polyglot parties?

The principle: learning foreign languages ​​other than during class. At a party, there are several tables. At each table, we speak a different language, but also French. Simply choose which and enjoy.

3.2- What is a language tandem?

It is a formal relationship between two people of different languages. A good way to learn the language of the other.

4- How to join Méli-Mélo ?

Simply contact the Association by email or go to a permanent (see question 5) and ask for his card. To provide: € 6 and a photo ID.

5- Where can I found the association?

Méli-Mélo has no headquarters or offices. The association has no premises but can be contacted at permanence or through the website and social networks. * The address that you can sometimes find is a post office box to receive mail..

6- What are the continuities?

These are times when members receive members and future members. Whenever there is an activity, there is a time.
Some take place at the University and at the Library François Mitterrand (downtown).
The shifts are listed on the website in the section presentation.

7- How do I contact members?

There are several ways: by sending an email to contact@assomelimelo.com, using social networks (Facebook and Twitter) or by going directly to the permanence and activities.
It is also possible to subscribe to the newsletter.

8- How to subscribe to the newsletter?

Simply send an email to contact@assomelimelo.com asking to be added to the mailing list for the newsletter.

9- Do I need to be a member to receive the newsletter?

No. Everyone can receive, simply register.

10- How Are there membership in the association?

The number of members varies between 200 and 400 members by year.

11- Who are the current members of the board of the association?

Bureau depuis décembre 2012 :
Présidente : Elena BALTAG (roumaine)
Vice-présidente : Niamh CROSSON (irlandaise)
Trésorier : Hoang TRAN (français)
Vice-trésorier : Wenbo YU (chinois)
Secrétaire : Adrien MESLET (français)
Vice-secrétaire : Jonathan MICHEL (français)

Bureau de décembre 2011 à décembre 2012 :
Adrien MESLET (français): Président.
Elena BALTAG (roumaine): Vice-présidente.
Hoang TRAN (français): Trésorier.
Marie-Laure Point (française): Vice-trésorière.
Jérémy MARASESCU (français): Secrétaire.
Pascale MUSTAPHA (libanaise): Vice-secrétaire.